original co·amplify goods

The products below represent the first offerings from co·amplify, soon to be joined by other useful products designed to make lives easier and more fun for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids who use cochlear implants or other assistive devices to hear. We've included some photos and details, but all sales will initially be through Kickstarter only.

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safe & snug winter bomber hat™ 

Designed by Meghan and her mom, refined by professional apparel designers, and pending a provisional patent for the dual layer snug pocket, this soft bomber-style winter hat keeps kids super warm while keeping their hearing devices in place. Depending on the manufacturer and model, processors can slide into the pocket with the coil, clip to the pocket, or clip to the clothing. Available in charcoal grey and lovingly made here in Maine. 

ling 6 sounds animals play set™

The Ling 6 Sounds are the building blocks of language — instrumental in teaching kids, and a foundational marker to indicate how well a child is accessing sound. With original illustrations drawn by Meghan, this cute set of wooden animal blocks fits neatly into a high quality box that becomes part of the playtime story. The cow is 'MMM,' the owl 'OOO,' the mouse 'EEE,' the snake is 'SSS,' and the sheep is 'AAH.' The animals have an 'awake' side and an 'asleep' side. Flipping them all over to go to sleep and sliding on the colorful quilt cover encourages kids to make the SHH sound. Precisely manufactured and screenprinted in Portland, Maine. 

snap-back graphic neckerchiefs

We first started using these cute neckerchiefs as a better way to hold up Percy's clip-on processors (Advanced Bionics Neptunes), but they quickly became his signature fashion statement, and he loves picking out different fun prints and colors. With two snap locations for adjustment and lots of different styles available, these are practical and attractive for little ones of all ages, whether you're holding up CI processors or just catching some baby drool. Made in Maine from soft, organic cotton. Lots more colors and patterns coming soon!