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co·amplify is creating products that give kids with cochlear implants the freedom to just be kids.

Our mission is to develop products that make life easier and more fun for deaf and hard of hearing children who use cochlear implants and other auditory assistive technology. We can help them forget about their medical reliances, enhance their lives, and make them more comfortable, while supporting and protecting the technology that so wonderfully gives them access to sound.  

We are Meghan Carey and Sean Wilkinson, co-founders of co·amplify and parents to Percy, who was born profoundly deaf and has used cochlear implants to hear since he was 12 months old. We are designers by trade, and decided to launch co·amplify to share some of the solutions we've come up with to make our lives easier since Percy received his bionic ears. 

The shop today reflects our first round of products. We've consulted with doctors, audiologists, speech therapists, and teachers of the deaf to create these practical goods, and we've filed patent paperwork for our proprietary innovations. We're excited to continue to learn as Percy grows, and to keep creating new products that support kids like him. 

All of our products are designed and manufactured here in Maine, supporting other local artisans and their families. 

We’ve just completed our successful Kickstarter campaign, and products are available for pre-sale! Check out our shop, and sign up below for updates!